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     Two Firefighters Home Inspection has always been involved in charitable activities.  That's why our motto has been To Serve and Inspect.  Yes, our work in the fire department is a career of service to the community, but that's just a small portion.  From world missions to volunteering at local church events, to fundraising and donating for multiple charitable causes.
     Because of this, we started Two Firefighters Benevolent.  We do have 501(c)(3).  The goal of this organization will be to do the most good for the most people. We will be donating a portion of our inspection profits to the benevolent. We will also be fundraising in many different ways to raise money for world missions and for other charitable causes. We are a Christian organization, and our calling is a blessing from God. 


Yurimaguas, Peru

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Yurimaguas Peru Mission

Nisporeni, Moldova


Central Asia

  This is not a request for a donation, but donations are welcome.  This page is to bring awareness to our cause.  Please take the time to share this page and our Facebook page with all of your contacts at  If you would like to make a donation to our cause, you can click on the Facebook link then donate to the fundraiser on the page.  You can also give through Paypal using the email address
     Our website will soon be launched with more details and photos of our charity work.  As of right now, we are slated to go to Moldova at the end of September.  We will be doing construction work on a church that is housing Ukranian refugees.  In October, we will be going to Guadalajara, Mexico to do construction on a church.  If you have any question, or are interested in joining us on a mission trip, please email me at

To donate via Venmo use @twoffbi or CashApp use $twoffbi.

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